Nanocraft Review 2021 (Is This CBD Brand Worth It?)

Nanocraft CBD oil tinctures

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Updated December 25, 2020

Nanocraft CBD oil tincturesNanocraft is a highly reputable CBD company with solid broad spectrum products including CBD oil, soft gels, topicals, and CBD infused water. They make several pretty impressive products, and we’re going to thoroughly break down their top three in a later section of this Nanocraft review.

You should know right off the bat that they do not make any full spectrum CBD products, so if you’re a full spectrum enthusiast like myself, Nanocraft is not the company for you. In my opinion, full spectrum is far better than broad spectrum, but that doesn’t mean all broad spectrum products are bad.

There are some good broad spectrum products out there, including those made by Nanocraft, but they will always be inferior to full spectrum CBD products. I would never personally buy a broad spectrum product knowing I could have gotten full spectrum for the same price.


Nanocraft review 2021: Is Nanocraft any good?

Nanocraft makes a few good CBD products, but we do not recommend this brand simply because nothing they make is full spectrum. We always recommend full spectrum over broad spectrum. However, if you’re fine with settling for broad spectrum, Nanocraft has a few well formulated products you should take a look at.

Nanocraft prices

First of all, how much does Nanocraft cost? Let’s take a look at their prices:



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Nanocraft CBD Oil


Nanocraft CBD Capsules


Are there any Nanocraft coupon codes or promo discount vouchers?

At the time of writing, there are no Nanocraft coupon codes available. Many CBD brands that we review will provide us with promo codes for our readers to use, but Nanocraft simply is not one of those brands. Our top rated CBD company gave us a 10% off coupon code for our readers, so make sure to check out the Transcend Labs review!

Nanocraft products list

Nanocraft CBD Oil

Nanocraft’s CBD oil is easily their best product as it delivers 25 MG of CBD in every serving and is very fairly priced at $69.99 for 30 servings, providing great value. It’s 100% natural, comes in a few different flavors, and most importantly, it’s very effective.

My only problem with it is that the serving size is just average at 25 MG. That’s definitely a significant dosage, but I’m here to use and review the absolute highest quality, stand-out CBD products, and 25 MG isn’t a top notch dosage…but it’s enough to produce benefits for sure.

I touched on this earlier, but just want to stress again that their CBD oil is not full spectrum, which is my other problem with it. Broad spectrum isn’t bad, but it’s not the best, and like I said before, I only recommend the best.

Nanocraft CBD Capsules

The quality of their CBD capsules product essentially exactly matched that of their CBD oil. You’re getting the same high quality CBD in the exact same dosage of 25 MG per serving. There is a total of 30 servings and 750 MG of CBD in every bottle.

Basically, this is just a different, slightly more convenient way to consume their CBD. The main difference is just that CBD oil is typically faster acting than capsules, so if you are looking for immediate action CBD, I would opt for the CBD oil instead.

Nanocraft CBD Muscle & Joint Stick

If the primary reason you’re interested in CBD is for pain relief, this is an excellent choice. It is essentially a topical rub that you apply directly to areas where you are experiencing soreness or pain, and the idea is that it can potentially produce spot relief.

Each jar contains 500 MG of CBD total, which is pretty high for a topical CBD product. If I was seeking pain relief, this would be one of my top choices. If you’re main goal is anxiety relief or help falling asleep, you’re way better off with oil or capsules, but this rub on stick is awesome for muscle recovery.

Nanocraft pros and cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Nanocraft products.

Nanocraft benefits

On the one hand, the prices are relatively low and the products are very high quality. Plus, the brand has a good reputation in the space and is definitely legit. With that being said, the more important side of things is the supplement facts – dosages, CBD type, etc.

The dosages Nanocraft provides are exactly industry average at 25 MG per serving with both their CBD oil and their CBD capsules. So, it’s not a bad dosage, but it’s certainly not a good one. It’s just average.

Equally as important is the CBD type. This is our biggest issue with Nanocraft. The CBD type is not full spectrum, which is a problem for us. We do not use or recommend any CBD products that are not full spectrum.

Some of the health benefits CBD can produce include relief from pain, inflammmation, and anxiety.

Nanocraft side effects

Nanocraft CBD products are not known for producing side effects. In fact, CBD in general is not known to produce side effects. Many people expect it to produce side effects just because it is a cannabinoid and comes from the hemp plant, but that’s unreasonable.

CBD is much different from its psychoactive counterpart, THC. THC is the cannabinoid responsible for the well known cannabis side effects such as paranoia, anxiety, and migraines. CBD is entirely non-psychoactive, which means it does not cause those side effects.

The most people will report in terms of CBD side effects are feeling tired, groggy, or unproductive. This is to be expected though since CBD is meant to help you relax and calm down.

Nanocraft complaints & praise (info from real Nanocraft customer reviews)

We typically like to stick to Amazon when it comes to customer reviews, but CBD products are currently not allowed to be listed on Amazon. Unfortunately, that forces us to have to trust the reviews on the company’s website, which is not ideal.

However, some companies use software such as Trust Pilot that only allows verified buyers of the product to submit reviews. Luckily, Nanocraft uses similar software, so you can be pretty confident these reviews are legit.

Their CBD oil currently shows 119 total reviews, all of which give the product either 4 or 5 stars. Assuming these Nanocraft reviews are trustworthy, that’s pretty impressive. Definitely good news here.

Is Nanocraft worth it? Our conclusion

Nanocraft is certainly not one of my top 5 favorite brands since they are not full spectrum. My main problems with them are their lack of full spectrum options and failure to deliver exceptional dosage sizes. The potency is good, but not great.

Due to lack of potency and the use of broad spectrum CBD across the board, it’s hard for me to recommend Nanocraft. It’s not that they’re a bad company, it’s just that I have reviewed many companies I believe are much better.

I personally prefer and am therefore more likely to recommend CBD products that are full spectrum and exceptionally potent. The industry average for CBD dosage size is 25 MG, so when I say exceptionally potent, I mean anything 30 MG and above…for example, my top recommended CBD company doses their oil at 33 MG per serving. Click below to read the review!


FAQs on Nanocraft

Is Nanocraft legit?

Yes, Nanocraft is a legit brand with a good reputation in the CBD industry.

Who owns Nanocraft?

Nanocraft is owned by Todd Erwin. Not much is known about him other than that he is the founder of the company.

Is Nanocraft full spectrum?

No, Nanocraft CBD is not full spectrum unfortunately.

Is Nanocraft THC free?

Yes, Nanocraft CBD products must legally contain less than .3% THC. This is a negligible amount of THC that would not have psychoactive effects, which is why it’s the legal amount.

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