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Updated October 29, 2020

Medterra Review 2021 {Is This CBD Company Legit?}

Medterra CBD oilMedterra is one of the most overhyped CBD brands on the market. The brand is extremely popular, but this is only because it was the first brand to be carried in popular retail stores such as Walgreens, CVS, and 7/11.

The product of theirs that you can find at basically any convenient store is there CBD oil. At first glance, Medterra’s CBD oil appears to be a solid product. Each tincture contains 1000 mg and therefore provides a 33 mg per serving. This Medterra review will explain the one HUGE problem with the product…

The CBD type in use is CBD isolate. It is not full spectrum, nor is it broad spectrum…it is just isolate. What this means is that their CBD oil contains no other cannabinoids. You can still experience benefits from the CBD isolate, but CBD is much more powerful and effective when combined with other cannabinoids.

The term “full spectrum” means that the oil contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids that the hemp plant has to offer. This is ideal, and we strictly recommend full spectrum CBD products because they are simply that much better.


Medterra review 2021: Is Medterra any good?

Medterra is extremely overpriced, and the CBD type is CBD isolate, which is the least effective one in our opinion. Therefore, no, we don’t believe Medterra is any good. You’re not getting full spectrum CBD, and you’re overpaying for a below average product.

Medterra prices

First of all, how much does Medterra cost? Let’s take a look at their prices:

Product Price Check current price
CBD Oil $$$$ View Price
CBD Capsules $$$ View Price
CBD Gummies $$$ View Price

Are there any Medterra coupon codes or promo discount vouchers?

Unfortunately, there are no Medterra coupon codes available at this time. Medterra is one of the biggest companies in the CBD industry, so they have less incentive to provide discounts to consumers. Some of the smaller brands have better products, and they provide promo codes to new customers.

Medterra products list

Medterra CBD Oil

The 1000 mg tincture is definitely their best product. At the very least, you are getting 1000 mg of pure CBD, which is definitely worth something. The reason CBD is much more effective when it is full spectrum is because the combination of cannabinoids produces what’s known as the “entourage effect.”

This essentially refers to the cannabinoids ability to work together in order to produce more benefits and synergistically enhance each other’s beneficial properties. In essence, each cannabinoid makes the next one more effective.

Other cannabinoids such as CBG, CBC, and CBN have all been shown to produce tremendous benefits just like CBD. So, why would you only want one cannabinoid when you could take the full spectrum and experience dramatically improved results?

This is the problem with Medterra. You don’t get the full spectrum of cannabinoids, which means you don’t get the full spectrum of benefits.

Medterra CBD Capsules

Each bottle contains a total of 750 mg of CBD, which means each capsule contains 25 mg. Again, these dosages are very solid, and at first glance, this product looks like one that we would typically recommend, but it has the same problem that there CBD oil has…

It is not full spectrum. The CBD contained within the capsules is CBD isolate. You’re getting a great dosage of CBD, which is something that shouldn’t be overlooked, but the simple fact is you’re still missing out on the benefits that all of the other cannabinoids have to offer.

With that being said, this is still one of their best products.

Medterra CBD Gummies

I’m a huge fan of CBD gummies personally because consuming CBD in edible fashion causes sort of a delayed release effect that makes me feel great for hours. However, I strictly consume full spectrum CBD gummies…not to sound like a broken record here, but the problem again with this product is the use of CBD isolate.

I’d never personally purchase this product because of the Isolate, but if you forced me to buy a Medterra product, I’d probably pick this one…still wouldn’t be happy about it though. You get a 30-count for only like $50, and each gummy delivers 25 milligrams of CBD…that’s a decent deal.

Medterra pros and cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Medterra products.

Medterra benefits

Like I said before, you can still experience benefits from using CBD on its own. Just because this is the least potent and least effective version of CBD does not mean it has nothing to offer. Plus, Medterra is one of the only brands available in stores, so you do have the benefit of convenience.

Some of the key benefits of buying from Medterra include large dosage per serving, 1,000 MG total CBD in every tincture, widely available in retail stores, and most products are relatively inexpensive.

In terms of Medterra health benefits, you can’t expect anywhere near as many benefits as you could get with a full spectrum CBD brand, but their CBD isolate products could still help out with anxiety relief and potentially pain relief.

Medterra side effects

It’s highly unlikely for Medterra products to cause any side effects since they do not contain THC or any psychoactive cannabinoids. Even with full spectrum CBD products, you’re still only getting <.3% THC, so those are not psychoactive either.

Regardless, some people report side effects from CBD including feeling sleepy, groggy, or unproductive. This is a result of the CBD doing its job really…it’s supposed to relax you.

Medterra complaints & praise (Medterra product reviews from real customers)

Due to unfair regulations that surround the CBD industry, brands like Medterra are not allowed to list their products on websites where we would typically find trusted customer reviews such as Amazon.

With that being said, we still searched the web for other third party reviews to find out what people are saying about Medterra, and it seems just about everyone is as disappointed in this brand as we are. Many people complain about the use of CBD isolate as people are starting to realize how much better full spectrum is.

Most of the Medterra reviews we found were not very positive, and you’d have a difficult time finding Medterra ranked as a top CBD oil on any review sites due to the nature of their products.

Is Medterra worth it? Our conclusion

All things considered, this isn’t necessarily a bad line of CBD products…it’s just extremely over-hyped. They have potent CBD products with solid dosages, but I can not stress enough how important it is to stick to full spectrum CBD, which they can not offer.

I’ll put it like this…if these products were formulated exactly as is except with full spectrum oil instead of isolate, I’d be a fan. But since that’s not the case, I can’t comfortably recommend Medterra to our readers.

I would strongly urge you to avoid Medterra and instead have a look at some other top-rated full spectrum CBD brands. You can read the review for our #1 ranked brand by clicking the link below.

Transcend Labs Review

FAQs on Medterra

Is Medterra legit?

Medterra is a legitimate brand, yes. However, they don’t have the best reputation in the CBD industry because they take advantage of customers by hiking up their prices in stores.

Who owns Medterra?

The founder and CEO of Medterra is Jay Hartenbach.

Is Medterra full spectrum?

No, Medterra is not full spectrum. This is the single biggest issue we have with the brand.

Is Medterra THC free?

Yes, Medterra is THC free. Their products, by law, must contain less than .3% THC.

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