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Updated October 29, 2020

Green Roads Review 2021 {Is This CBD Brand Worth It?}

Green Roads CBD oilGreen Roads is a big CBD company with a very wide selection of products including oils, edibles, topical creams, capsules, and even CBD coffee. They offer a very large and impressive amount of CBD products, which may seem like a good thing to some people, but in reality or are only a couple of ways CBD should be consumed. Read this Green Roads review to find out why we do NOT recommend this brand.

Research shows that CBD is the most effective when consumed in the form of oil or edibles, and occasionally topical cream for targeted relief. These are the most efficient CBD delivery systems. That’s not to say other products don’t work, just that the delivery method is less efficient in terms of digestion and absorption.

For that reason, we are mainly going to be focusing on what we believe to be their most defective products in this review and in large part ignoring the products that we would not recommend.

In general, do too many products being overpriced, some being under dosed, and others not containing the full spectrum of cannabinoids, Green Roads simply is not one of our top CBD brands. Click the link below to view the many other CBD brands we would recommend over Green Roads.


Green Roads review 2021: Is Green Roads any good?

Green Roads is not one of the top notch CBD companies in our opinion. We have reviewed over 20 different CBD brands, and this one simply does not stick out as one of the best. Their products are pretty severely over-priced, and more importantly, under-dosed. Green Roads products are simply too weak to be effective.

Green Roads prices

First of all, how much does Green Roads cost? Let’s take a look at their prices:

Product Price Check current price
CBD Oil $$$$ View Price
CBD Topical Roll On $$$$ View Price
CBD Capsules $$$ View Price

Are there any Green Roads coupon codes or promo discount vouchers?

Unfortunately, there are currently no available Green Roads promo codes. Many of the CBD companies we have reviewed offer discount vouchers to new customers, but Green Roads is not one of those companies. To discover CBD coupon codes, go to our CBD Oil category page!

Green Roads products list

Green Roads CBD Oil

In my opinion, this is their best product. You can choose whether you want broad spectrum or full spectrum, which is a cool feature… however, I strongly recommend sticking with the full spectrum like I always say.

With each tincture containing 750 mg of CBD, you get 25 mg per serving. This is a solid dosage, but it also is essentially the exact industry average, so it’s nothing too special. To put it into perspective, our top rated best CBD oil contains 1000 mg per tincture, providing 33 mg per serving, and it’s actually less expensive than this product.

That brings me to my next point, which is that there CBD oil is over priced at $89.99 for 750 mg. our top rated CBD oil provides 1000 mg for only $64.99. So, even though I do believe this is their best product, you still aren’t getting an exceptionally potent dosage, and you don’t get great value either.

Green Roads CBD Roll On

Their topical role on product is great. There’s a ton of CBD and it, and they offer a cool relief option as well as a heat relief option. If you are in need of a targeted relief, or in other words, you have a particular area in which you would like to directly apply the CBD, this product could be a solid option.

The problem is that the CBD in use is broad spectrum, and I believe it should be full spectrum. It’s not the biggest deal, and many people are fine with broad spectrum, but I am a bit picky when it comes to CBD and prefer all of my CBD products to be full spectrum.

However, there is still some solid value here at only $69.99. In my opinion, their CBD oil is still a better product, but I can’t argue with the simple fact that there is more value here. I just wish their oil was a little more potent and less overpriced.

Green Roads CBD Capsules

To be honest, the soft gels really are not that great of a product, but I wanted to review at least three of their products, and this is the third-best one. Unfortunately, they just don’t have very many exceptional products.

With that being said, you do get pretty good value here with 750 mg of CBD per bottle for only $49.99. There are 30 servings in every bottle, which means you get 25 mg of CBD per capsule. I know what you’re thinking…solid serving size, lots of CBD per bottle, and it’s pretty inexpensive, so what’s the problem?

The problem is that these soft gels contain CBD isolate. You are not getting full spectrum CBD, nor are you getting broad spectrum CBD. This means you do not get the full spectrum of cannabinoids, which inevitably means you do not get the full spectrum of benefits.

The only cannabinoid you are getting is CBD, which is still going to produce benefits, but it is not anywhere near as effective without the other cannabinoids.

Green Roads pros and cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Green Roads products.

Green Roads benefits

While this is not one of our top recommended brands, it is a relatively well-known company, and there are benefits to buying from such a company. For example, the brand has a very solid reputation in space and their products are carefully lab tested.

Some of the benefits of buying from Green Roads include many positive user reviews, great brand reputation, wide variety of products, different oil potencies available, and they allow you to choose between broad spectrum and full spectrum

Common health benefits of CBD products include anxiety relief, pain relief, and reduced inflammation.

Green Roads side effects

Many people expect CBD products to come with side effects since the cannabinoid is derived from the hemp plant, but the truth is CBD oil very rarely comes with side effects. The hemp plant contains many different cannabinoids. Some are psychoactive, others are not.

CBD is not a psychoactive cannabinoid, so it is not likely to produce the side effects that psychoactive cannabinoids tend to produce such as paranoia, anxiety, and migraines. The only side effect people typically report from CBD is feeling too tired.

Green Roads complaints & praise (Green Roads product reviews from real customers)

Due to some restrictions surrounding the CBD space at the time of writing, CBD products are not sold on Amazon or anywhere else we would typically find trustworthy third party reviews. With that said, we checked out other review sites similar to ours to see what they were saying.

It seems that just about every review site is in agreement with regard to the verdict on Green Roads…they have solid products, but nothing special, and most products are way too expensive. Anyone who knows CBD products well can take one look at these supplements and see that they’re just average, and that the price is well above the average price.

There are some Green Roads reviews submitted directly to their website, but all of them are 5-star reviews, which is a little sketchy. You never know if you can trust it unless the reviews come through software that verifies the buyers, which doesn’t appear to be the case here.

Is Green Roads worth it? Our conclusion

At first glance, Green Roads looks like a very impressive CBD company. They have a great brand reputation, a solid website, and they’re very good at marketing…but don’t let those things distract you from the science.

Let’s focus on the facts. Most of their products do not utilize full spectrum CBD, which is one of the most important aspects of any CBD product or brand. Additionally, many of their products provide simply the industry average in terms of dosage…none of their products are especially potent.

All things taken into consideration, this is just another average CBD brand. We see average dosages, prices that are too high, and lack of full spectrum across the product line. We do NOT recommend Green Roads. To see our #1 ranked CBD brand, click the link below.


FAQs on Green Roads

Is Green Roads legit?

Yes, Green Roads is a legitimate brand with a solid reputation in the CBD industry. However, this does not directly translate to their products working. They make average products at best.

Who owns Green Roads?

Green Roads is owned by Laura Fuentes, who is a pharmacist.

Is Green Roads full spectrum?

Yes and no. Some of their products are full spectrum, but others are not. We ideally like to see full spectrum CBD in use across all products, but that’s not the case here.

Is Green Roads THC free?

All Green Roads products must, by law, contain less than .3% THC. So, they’re not 100% THC free, but there is a legal amount of THC in them, and it’s not enough THC to cause any psychoactive effects.

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