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Updated October 29, 2020

Charlottes Web Review 2021 {Is This CBD Brand Worth It?}

Charlottes Web CBD oilCharlottes Web is easily the largest and most well known CBD company in the industry. There are some upsides to being the biggest company in the space of course, but for the consumer, many downsides come from choosing the big guys…perhaps the most important of which is the fact that their products are absurdly over-priced. Read this Charlotte’s Web review to learn why we feel their products are overpriced.

Additionally, they use some very deceptive marketing tactics. On their website, it says that each serving of their CBD Oil contains 50 mg of CBD, but if we take a closer look at the label, what we can see is that it actually contains 50 mg of hemp extract, which is a completely different thing than CBD. In reality, it only contains 25 mg of CBD per serving.

For these reasons, we do NOT recommend Charlottes Web. Their products are overpriced, their marketing is misleading, and their dosages are low. Learn about the best CBD oil products.

Charlottes Web review 2021: Is Charlotte’s Web any good?

In our view, Charlotte’s Web is extremely overrated and misunderstood. As we mentioned earlier, their marketing leads people to believe they’re getting 50 MG of CBD per serving, when it reality it’s actually half that at 25 MG. Our top recommended CBD oil provides 33 MG per serving, making it 32% more potent.

Charlottes Web prices

First of all, how much does Charlottes Web cost? Let’s take a look at their prices:

Product Price Check current price
CBD Oil $$$$$ View Price
CBD Gummies $$$$ View Price
CBD Capsules $$$$ View Price

Are there any Charlottes Web coupon codes or promo discount vouchers?

Unfortunately, there are no Charlottes Web coupon codes available at this time. As a huge brand with a lot of traction, they don’t have much incentive to provide discount vouchers. However, there are several CBD brands that do provide promo codes, including our top ranked brand. Read the Transcend Labs review to get the code!

Charlottes Web products list

Charlottes Web CBD Oil

Charlottes Web CBD oil is definitely their best product. there CBD oil is 100% full spectrum and contains 50 mg of hemp extract per serving which delivers a total of 25 mg of CBD per serving. We always love to see Full spectrum products but the serving size here is simply average…it’s not a low; it’s just average.

To put it into perspective our number one ranked best CBD oil delivers 33 mg of CBD per serving. That’s 8 more milligrams per serving then Charlottes Web CBD oil contains, which as I said before, makes it 32% more potent. That’s a huge difference.

Plus, Charlottes Web CBD oil is $120 per bottle, which makes it twice as expensive as our top ranked CBD oil. Like I said before, it’s absurdly overpriced.

Charlottes Web CBD Gummies

Their CBD gummies are there second most popular product. However, this is one of the worst CBD gummy products we have reviewed thus far. For $110, which again is way too high of a price, you get a 60 count of CBD gummies. Each gummy only contains 10 mg of CBD, which is super weak.

Our number one ranked best CBD gummy contains 25 mg of CBD per gummy. That makes it 150% more potent than Charlottes Web CBD gummies, and yet, it is half the price. I have to again reiterate the point that Charlottes Web produces are shockingly overpriced in general. The CBD dosages are not exceptionally high, and there’s nothing else there that justifies such high prices.

Charlottes Web CBD Capsules

The CBD capsules are there third most popular product. unlike their other two most popular products this one is not shockingly overpriced. Additionally, it is also not shockingly under dosed like there CBD gummies are. Each capsule contains 25 mg of CBD, which is a very solid dosage, but you only pay $75 for one bottle.

While this product isn’t crazy overpriced, the price still suggests that the capsules are exceptionally potent, and they’re not. This is again just another average product. It’s not bad, but there’s nothing special about it. Charlottes Web was one of the first companies to enter the CBD space, so their brand recognition allows them to get away with high prices on average products.

Charlottes Web pros and cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Charlottes Web products.

Charlottes Web benefits

One of the main benefits of buying from a company as big as Charlottes Web is that you know you’re getting what you paid for. The brand has a great reputation, and all of their products are third party lab tested. They are a publicly traded company, so they have to perform for their investors.

In terms of health benefits, full spectrum CBD oil has been known to help relieve anxiety, reduce pain and inflammation, and help people who suffer from sleep disorders. CBD is generally used to help people relax and relieve stress.

Charlottes Web side effects

It’s not very common for CBD to produce side effects, and Charlottes Web products are no exception to that fact. Many people mistakenly believe that CBD is psychoactive since it is derived from the hemp plant, but it is actually completely non-psychoactive, which is why it generally doesn’t produce side effects.

Some people have reported minor side effects such as feeling tired or groggy, but that’s what CBD is for…it’s meant to help you slow down and relax. So if that’s not what you’re looking for, CBD might not be your cup of tea in general.

Charlottes Web complaints & praise (Charlottes Web product reviews from real customers)

It’s important to note that our analysis of the Supplement Facts Panel (SFP) is the most important part of the review. We are experts in nutrition, and our professional SFP analysis is what separates our reviews from your the rest.

With that said, we do like to take customer feedback into account when writing our reviews. We checked out what people were saying about this brand on Amazon, where we were able to find nearly 350 Charlottes Web reviews.

They received and average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars, which is a pretty solid mark. Moreover, at the time of writing, 68% of users rated it 5 stars, which is another impressive statistic. However, don’t let this distract you from the facts…you’re still paying way too much money when you can get the exact same quality or better from other CBD brands for way less money.

Is Charlottes Web worth it? Our conclusion

At the end of the day most of their products are not that bad… but the fact remains that almost all of their products are ridiculously overpriced and I simply do not feel comfortable recommending such overpriced products to my readers.

Even aside from price, I just can’t recommend Products that lack top notch potency levels such as these. The CBD dosages for each of their products are simply average. It’s hard for me to recommend their CBD oil knowing that there is a CBD oil out there which is 32% more potent than theirs.

We do NOT recommend Charlottes Web CBD, and would instead encourage you to check out our top rated best CBD oil products of 2021. You can read the review for our #1 ranked brand by clicking the link below!

Transcend Labs Review

FAQs on Charlottes Web

Is Charlottes Web legit?

Yes, Charlottes Web is a legitimate brand in the CBD industry with a pretty solid reputation. They were one of the first companies to enter the space and have grown pretty significantly since entering. Just watch out for their deceptive marketing tactics.

Who owns Charlottes Web?

Charlottes Web Inc. is a Stanley Brothers corporation based out of Colorado.

Is Charlottes Web full spectrum?

Yes, Charlottes Web is full spectrum. Well, more specifically, their CBD oil is full spectrum. However, some of their other products are not full spectrum.

Is Charlottes Web THC free?

Charlottes Web is not 100% THC free, but it contains the legal amount of THC as mandated by the Farm bill, which is <.3%. Products that contain less than .3% THC are entirely legal and are NOT psychoactive.

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