Alpha F1 Review

Alpha F1 Review

Alpha F1 Review Alpha F1 is a testosterone supplement that we felt was worth reviewing based on how many people ask us about it. Yep, we get a lot of mail over this supplement. Email, not regular mail, do you think we have carrier pigeons flying into our office? Come on now! Thing is, a lot of people have heard of it and want to know if it works. The truth is Alpha F1 is definitely not the best option for a slew of reasons. It doesn’t mean you got ripped off if you already own it, it just means … Read More

Testo XL Review

Test XL Review

Testo XL Review Testo XL is one of the many natural testosterone boosters out there that has a website full of claims but not a whole lot of real promise (at least as far as we’re concerned). I’m always scared whenever a supplement has “XL” in the name. I have no great reason other than my reviewer’s intuition kicking in! If you think you may want to buy Testo XL, make sure you read this review first to learn why we’d recommend you steer clear of this supplement and why it failed to make our list of the Top 5 … Read More

Test Reload Review

Test Reload Review

Test Reload Review Test Reload is a testosterone booster by the famous Mike Chang who is the creator of Six Pack Shortcuts. If you honestly haven’t seen his abs before this must mean you don’t have Facebook. Seriously, his old abs ad used to show up in my Facebook feed all the time, and most typically when I was about to eat something terrible. The man’s a washboard, no question about it. His exercise program is excellent and so are his diet plans…but are his supplements? Well, there’s the big question of the day. Read this Test Reload review to … Read More

Test Boost Elite Review: 249 5-Star Ratings? (2019 Update)

Test Boost Elite Review

Test Boost Elite Review: 249 5-Star Ratings? (2019 Update)   UPDATED JULY 2019 Test Boost Elite is all the rage this year! People seem to be responding very positively to it, which is something I’ll dive further into in a later section…but first, I want to answer the question: should you buy into the hype? Look, Test Boost Elite is a great product…BUT, it’s not the best. There’s so much hype surrounding it right now, that people are overlooking the facts and buying into the hype, which is a mistake… Read this Test Boost Elite review to learn why I do NOT recommend it, OR, … Read More

Super Male Vitality Review – 3 Ingredient Powerhouse?

Super Male Vitality Review

Super Male Vitality Review – 3 Ingredient Power House?   Super Male Vitality is a liquid testosterone supplement that is designed to help increase your T levels in a natural way…plus, it’s a rather unique take on testosterone boosting since most supplements use capsules…but does that make it better? The short answer is no, the fact that it’s liquid does not make it better…in fact, capsules are actually superior. Read this review to learn more about Super Male Vitality, or check out my list of my favorite Top 5 Testosterone Boosters to learn about the T boosters that have produced absolutely insane results for me… The #1 … Read More

Alpha Jym Review

Alpha Jym testosterone booster review

Alpha Jym Testosterone Booster Review   Alpha Jym is a great testosterone booster with a lot of promise. There are plenty of good things to say about the nutrition label including an extraordinarily high overall potency. However, there are a couple areas in which we believe this supplement fell short. For one, they misspelled “gym.” I’m just messing with you, but honestly, for some reason, it bothers me. It shouldn’t, I know, because its a witty play on words! I’m such a bitter reviewer. Check out this Alpha Jym review to learn why we think it is a great supplement … Read More

True Grit Review

True Grit Testosterone Booster Review

True Grit Testosterone Booster Review True Grit is a testosterone booster that is a bit unconventional in terms of formulation, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Many people view this testosterone booster in a positive light, and we are no exception. However, make sure to read this True Grit review before deciding to buy it in order to learn why it didn’t make our list of the Top 5 Best Testosterone Boosters. True Grit is also a movie and a darn good one at that. So in the event you were looking for scenes from an awesome old western movie … Read More

Testim Testosterone Gel Review

Testim Testosterone Gel Review

Testim Testosterone Gel Review |Is it Effective? Are Gels Even Safe?   Testim is a product that takes a different approach to testosterone boosting than what we are typically used to seeing. It is actually a testosterone gel rather than capsulated ingredients as you will most often see. We don’t believe testosterone gel is anywhere near as effective as typical natural testosterone supplements, which is why we recommend you check out our list of the Top 5 Testosterone Boosters before choosing Testim. Read this comprehensive Testim Testosterone Gel review for details. Shooting you straight, I’m just not a fan of synthetic … Read More

Spartagen XT Review

Spartagen XT Review

Spartagen XT Review | A Quality Choice for a Natural Testosterone Booster   Having low-testosterone is one of the most frustrating things in life. I mean, going to Costco on a Saturday afternoon is certainly no picnic, but low-T remains in the lead when it comes to being a total drag. Low-T synthetic drugs can almost worsen the situation with their weird side-effects. This is why I created The Supplement Reviews so it could serve as a place for putting on display great natural testosterone booster solutions. Low testosterone can make you feel awful and cause you to suffer from low … Read More

M Drive Review – 4 Key Ingredients To Consider (2019 Update)

M Drive Testorone Booster Review

M Drive Review | 4 Key Ingredients To Consider (2019 Update) UPDATED JULY 2019 The name M Drive sounds like a Mercedes car component, but M Drive is actually a natural testosterone supplement with a lot to offer. While it won’t help you take on curvy mountain roads in the winter, it’s certainly not a bad testosterone booster… I personally do NOT recommend M Drive, but that doesn’t make it a bad supplement by any means. Read this M Drive review to learn more, OR save yourself some time by skipping ahead to my list of my favorite Top 5 Testosterone Boosters. The #1 ranked … Read More