Safe Exercises That Your Kids (And You) Will Love

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Safe Exercises That Your Kids Will Love One in six American kids is obese. Whether you’re a parent, have friends who have kids or simply care about the future of our country, that number should concern you. Luckily, there’s an easy way to motivate the kids in your life to avoid falling into the fat trap: get them moving. An active lifestyle is vital to good health at any age. But the workout that has you pushing your limits in the gym or stepping it up in fitness class might not be the best choice for children. If you’re looking … Read More

The Top Diet Fads to Know (And In Most Cases, Avoid)

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The Top Diet Fads to Know (And In Most Cases, Avoid) Humans have been eating since the dawn of time. It wasn’t until the 1970s, though, that our food focus shifted widely from its nutritional value to its effect on our figure. Since then, Western culture has been full speed ahead seeking hacks to burn more calories, shed extra weight and build muscle in the process. But are diets really helping? Fad diets, too have been around for ages. Single-food diets like The Cabbage Soup Diet and The Grapefruit Diet and ill-advised trends like eating cotton balls, cookies or smoking … Read More

The Rock Workout Plan & Diet Regimen

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The Rock Workout Plan & Diet Regimen Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the second highest-paid celebrity in the world—and one of the biggest in both fame and physique. The WWE wrestler-turned-actor’s nickname might seem completely appropriate, given one look at his rock-hard 6-foot 5 bod (though it’s actually a play on his WWE name, “Rocky Maivia”). But however easily his nickname came, don’t think his muscles followed suit. The Rock does some serious work to develop, tone and maintain his build. Whether prepping for his roles as the demi-god Hercules or G.I. Joe, training Fast and Furious style, aweing his … Read More

Why Exercise is Still the Best Medicine

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Why Exercise is Still the Best Medicine Most of us got plenty of activity as kids. But as we move into adulthood, it can sometimes feel nearly impossible to hit the gym—even when we’re dedicated to our physical fitness. The next time you’re contemplating whether to binge on Netflix or exercise, consider this: there’s an undeniable link between being physically active and preventing a number of serious health issues. This is exactly the idea that inspired the American Medical Association and the American College of Sports Medicine to launch Exercise is Medicine, a program that encourages doctors to design fitness … Read More

What is the Whole30 Diet?

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What is the Whole30 Diet? Unless you’ve spent the past few years living under a rock, you’ve probably seen your social media feed exploding with all things Whole30. The 30-day diet centers on eating whole foods, free from added sugar, nitrates, grains, and dairy, in order to “reset” and determine which parts of your diet are triggering your health issues. The Whole30 diet might elicit some eye rolls from your waiter and some confusion over which bacon brands are “compliant” with the lifestyle. But, what exactly is this restrictive diet all about, and is it worth the constant label-checking? To … Read More

Flying With Protein Powder (How to Travel With Powder Supplements)

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Flying With Protein Powder (How to Travel With Powder Supplements) When it comes to traveling, pills and powders are always a bit tricky. But will your fitness supplements make it through the TSA security check at the airport? Endless Reddit threads and fitness forums have been devoted to this question, and the internet is rife with horror stories about travelers attempting to get their protein powders and vitamins through airport security. But now we’re putting the speculation to rest once and for all. Yes, you can fly with your protein powder and other supplements. And they can even go in … Read More

OmegaK Krill Oil Review 2021

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OmegaK Krill Oil Review 2021 OmegaK krill oil is manufactured by a company called Omega K, Inc. The product provides liquid krill oil in gel capsules. It appears that OmegaK krill oil is the only product that this company markets. So what is krill oil and why should you take it? Krill are small crustaceans that feed on phytoplankton and zooplankton and in turn, are a primary food source for whales, seals, penguins and fish. As a dietary supplement, krill oil has burst onto the seen in recent years as a much sought after replacement of fish oil, to provide … Read More

Miracle Phytoceramides Review 2021

Miracle Phytoceramides Review 2021 Miracle Phytoceramides Review 2021 Miracle Phytoceramides is an advanced skin care supplement manufactured in the U.S by a company of the same name. The company claims that Miracle Phytoceramides “makes you look younger in just 4 weeks” and that is “a facelift in a bottle.” Miracle Phytoceramides comes in pill form and works from within unlike the topical creams, lotions and other facial masks. The science behind Miracle Phytoceramides is based on ceramides, natural lipids that exist in the skin that keep the skin hydrates and plump, thus preventing wrinkles. However, along with age, skin produces less … Read More