Best Greens Powders 2022 (Top 10 Green Supplement Drinks Compared)

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Updated March 10, 2022

Green drink powders are a rapidly growing segment of the supplement industry. Greens powders can be used to increase your phytonutrient intake from superfood fruits and vegetables, as a meal replacement for weight loss, and to increase your energy levels. In this article, we will give our pick for the best green drink powder and explain what makes it superior.

We’ve extensively researched this market to find the top brands and most potent products. Through expert Supplement Facts Panel (SFP) analysis and personal experimentation, our Nutrition & Wellness Consultant has discovered the best greens powders on the market.

Green drink powder comparison chart (top 10 highest rated)


Superfoods per serving

Best for



Total Living Drink

15,000 milligrams

Energy, gut health, weight loss, digestion


Athletic Greens

10,000 milligrams

Energy, digestion


Green Vibrance

9,600 milligrams

Energy, gut health


Amazing Grass Green Superfood

7,000 milligrams

Energy, gut health


Garden of Life Greens

7,000 milligrams

Digestion, gut health


Organifi Green Juice

6,500 milligrams

Energy, digestion


Shakeology Greenberry

6,500 milligrams



Fermented Green Supremefood

5,200 milligrams

Gut health


Natures Plus Ultra Juice Green Powder

5,200 milligrams



Patriot Power Greens

2,500 milligrams



What are greens powders?

Greens powders are essentially combinations of different green superfoods that have already been juiced and powderized for you. These superfood supplements are the ultimate solution to getting all of your greens and nutrients in without having to worry about eating fruits and vegetables on a regular basis.

Think about it like this…you have two options. Option 1 is spending a bunch of time and money on vegetables & superfoods, then make sure you eat enough of them every day, and last but certainly not least, make sure you juice the superfoods before consumption in order to get all the phytonutrients out.

In comes Option 2: greens powders. These supplements consist of extremely healthy and nutritional superfoods that have been juiced and then converted into powder form (powderized) for convenience. So all you have to do is mix a scoop in with a cup of water, and just like that, you got all of your greens, vegetables of superfood servings in for the day.

Vegetables, algae, and other greens are much more beneficial when consumed after being juiced as opposed to being simply consumed as a whole food. Yes, eating whole food items like Kale and Spinach is good for you, but you get way more phytonutrients when you juice these foods before consumption as is done in green powder supplements.

Most of the top greens powders are also gluten free, multivitamin rich (including lots of vitamin C for an immune boost), prebiotic and probiotic rich, certified organic, soy-free, and can function as effective detox supplements. You should still maintain a relatively healthy diet, but you don’t have to worry about getting your daily serving of fruits & veggies since a good greens powder effectively fulfills that need (and then some). Are green powders a waste of money? Definitely not, as long as you choose from one of these best greens powders:

What are the best greens powders on the market? Here’s our top 10 list:

1. Total Living Drink Greens (best greens powder overall)

Total Living Drink Review

Total Living Drink Greens by Kylea Health & Energy is an all-inclusive green superfood powder drink. Delivering 40 grams of nutrition per serving, including 11 grams of vegan protein and over 15 grams of powerful superfoods, this is far and away the most nutritional greens powder on the market. No other green superfood powder comes even close to being as potent as this one.

Plus, Total Living Drink Greens doesn’t just stop at superfoods and greens. It also provides probiotics, digestive enzymes, antioxidants, adaptogens, herbs, protein powder, and more. We are talking about an absolute nutritional powerhouse here. To put it into perspective, the next best green drink powder contains 50% less superfoods per serving. That’s how big of a quality gap there is between Total Living Drink Greens and the rest of the industry.

We’re not just talking about any superfoods here either. It contains strictly the best including kale, chlorella, wheatgrass, spirulina, barley grass, acai, vitamins, plenty of leafy greens, and strictly 100% non-GMO organic ingredients. The list of health benefits is truly endless with this exceptionally nutritious superfood blend, which can help with your digestive system, immune system, gut health, weight loss, and much more.

Last but not least, this is one of the best tasting greens powders on the market. They don’t add any artificial flavoring or stevia, or anything that is not organic. They actually use natural blueberry flavoring to help enhance the flavor, which we love. The natural blueberry flavoring tastes amazing, and there’s nothing unhealthy about it! It contains no added sugar, no artificial sweeteners, and no other artificial flavors whatsoever.

Also, for people who don’t like the taste of green drinks, they offer another version of the product called Total Living Drink Berry. The Berry version is just as potent in terms of superfoods per serving and overall nutrition, but it has higher dosages of berry ingredients, which creates a delicious fruity taste.


Total Living Drink Greens Review

2. Athletic Greens (good super greens powder for athletes)

Athletic Greens Review

Athletic Greens is one of the most popular green drink powders in the industry and for good reason. Not only is it a comprehensive blend of largely organic superfoods, but it contains a robust antioxidant and herbal profile and contains dairy-free probiotics and digestive enzymes. It has the second most nutritional superfood blend on the market, plus the distinction of being one of the best-tasting green drinks out there.

With all of that being said, it’s extremely important to understand how big of a quality gap there is between our #1 and our #2 ranked best green juice powders. Total Living Drink Greens provides 50% more superfoods per serving (15,000 MG) than Athletic Greens does (10,000 MG). That’s an extra 5,000 milligrams of superfoods per serving for the exact same price…just want to make sure our readers are aware of this.


Athletic Greens Review

3. Vibrant Health Green Vibrance (best for probiotics)

Green Vibrance supplement jar

Green Vibrance is one of the top green superfood powders due to its very potent superfood blend, which clocks in around 9,600 milligrams per serving. This is a very impressive number, especially when you add onto it the fact that Green Vibrance provides 25 billion probiotics per serving. That’s a pretty healthy probiotics dosage.

With that said, we do again want to make a note of the fact that our #1 ranked greens powder contains over 50% more superfoods, plus it also contains more probiotics. Even though we have Green Vibrance ranked as best for probiotics, we have Total Living Drink Greens ranked as best greens powder overall for a reason…it is the best in every facet. Whether it’s superfoods, probiotics, digestive enzymes, herbs, you name it, nothing beats our top ranked green powder.


Vibrant Health Green Vibrance Review

4. Amazing Grass Green Superfood (best for weight loss)

Amazing Grass jarAmazing Grass Green Superfood is an excellent, highly potent greens powder that provides 7,000 milligrams of superfoods in every serving. 7,000 MG may not sound like a lot compared to the greens supplements ranked more highly than this one, but the selection of particular superfoods is very impressive. It has several important kinds of grass and micronutrients in it that are pretty hard to find and very healthy. They are particularly great for your digestive system.

Our top ranked greens powder is over twice as potent and is significantly better overall, but Amazing Grass Green Superfood is still one of the top options available. You get a carefully selected combination of very beneficial nutrients as well as some probiotics and digestive enzymes to help round out the formula and support maximum absorption.


Amazing Grass Green Superfood Review

5. Garden of Life Green Superfood Powder (best sugar free option)

Garden of life green juice supplement

Garden of Life Green Superfood powder ranks right in the middle of our top ten greens supplements list because there are some things we really love about it and other things we think could be improved. We love their selection of raw, organic greens that will undoubtedly lead to many benefits for the user. It contains some of the most high quality superfoods in the world, which is awesome. It’s also completely sugar free (less than 1 naturally occurring gram) and stevia free.

What we don’t like about it is the fact that the superfood blend isn’t as potent as we’d like it to be. It’s significantly less nutritious than our top ranked greens powders with only 7,000 milligrams of superfoods per serving. Plus, the fact that it contains no flavor enhancers whatsoever makes it taste pretty bad. Aside from that, this is a very solid green drink powder.


Garden of Life Green Superfood Review

6. Organifi Green Juice (best tasting but not enough green foods)

Organifi green juice jar

Organifi Green Juice provides a pretty significant amount of superfoods in every serving at about 6,500 milligrams. We love the selection of superfoods here as many of the most key nutrients are included, and they have added Green Tea to further help boost energy levels. Organifi clearly put a lot of time and thought into this carefully designed greens formula. Plus, the added flavoring makes it one of the best tasting we have tried!

However, there are some pretty significant downfalls. It contains less than half the superfoods per serving than our top ranked best greens powder…that is very significant. Plus, our top choice tastes delicious too, so there’s really no reason to choose an option that is less nutritious such as Organifi Green Juice.


Organifi Green Juice Review

7. Shakeology (top brand in the industry)

Shakeology greenberry supplement

Shakeology is actually just an average product in all honesty. The main reason it made this list is because, as mentioned above, Shakeology is one of the top brands in the space. Many people use and trust Shakeology products, which gives them an edge over other companies in the space. However, if we look at the Supplement Facts Panel, this really is just a mediocre product.

It provides 6,500 milligrams worth of superfoods per serving, which is less than half of our top ranked green drink powder, and still 40% less superfoods per serving than even our #2 ranked option. Shakeology tastes good and the brand has a great reputation, but in terms of nutrition and supplement facts, this product is really just average.


Shakeology Review

8. Fermented Green Supremefood (high alkaline option)

Fermented Green Supremefood is a solid green powder drink that has a unique approach to superfoods. It uses fermented, organic grasses and other well-known organic green foods, which is great, though less potent than other types of superfoods in terms of grams-per-serving. This is a remarkable formula, and the product is affordable.

However, we must again come back to the supplement facts and the value. The most important consideration is how many superfoods you are getting in every serving, and this number is far too low at only 5,200 milligrams per serving. That is one third of the amount you would get with our top greens powder, which is a major issue.


Fermented Green Supremefood Review

9. Natures Plus Ultra Juice Green Powder (good for keto dieters)

Natures Plus ultra juice green powder jar

Natures Plus Super Greens is in all honesty a pretty average product, and when it comes to superfoods, it’s actually below average at only 5,200 milligrams of superfoods per serving. However, it does contain great ingredients for people who are on the keto diet. Many keto dieters enjoy greens powders because most of them are consumable even for people on diets since they are so healthy.

While there are some excellent ingredients in here that may benefit people on the keto diet, this is overall not one of the best green drink powders on the market due to its lack of potency. It just isn’t anywhere near as nutritious as the top ranked options on this list.


Natures Plus Ultra Juice Green Powder Review

10. Patriot Power Greens (supercharge your smoothie)

Patriot Power Greens supplement

Patriot Power Greens is a high-quality organic superfood green drink powder made by Patriot Health Alliance. With an emphasis on alkalizing superfoods that also help reduce inflammation in the body, this formula is less potent than many others, but also costs less. It also contains probiotics and digestive enzymes and tastes pretty decent for a green drink.

This is nowhere near being one of the most nutritious or potent greens powders on the market, but for the money, it’s not bad. You certainly won’t see Patriot Power Greens moving any higher up on this list unless they significantly increase the amount of superfoods and veggies per serving, which is currently only at 2,500 milligrams.


Patriot Power Greens Review

What’s the best green superfood powder 2022? Our conclusion

In conclusion, Total Living Drink Greens is far and away the best greens powder on the market. To be honest, it’s really not even close. When it comes to green drink powders, the superfood blend is the most important part of the formula, and Total Living Drink Greens provides by far the most superfoods per serving at 15,000 milligrams.

But let’s not stop there…looking even beyond the superfood blend, Total Living Drink Greens also contains the most probiotics per serving, the most digestive enzymes, and the most antioxidants. It also is the only superfood powder on this list that contains vegan protein powder in the formula, which is a great bonus.

Lastly, it may be hard to think that a supplement this nutritious can possibly taste good, but the makers of this product (Kylea Health & Energy) have been around for 30 years. They’ve spent a lot of time finding a way to make their product taste good without sacrificing the organic nature of the formula. The natural blueberry flavoring they added perfectly masks the taste of the greens and makes it taste really great.

Plus, for people who don’t like the taste of green drinks, they offer another version of their product called Total Living Drink Berry. It’s essentially the exact same product in terms of nutrition and superfoods per serving, but it has higher dosages of berry ingredients, which makes it taste delicious.



Do green drink powders help with bloating?

Yes, many green drink powders do help with bloating due to the high concentration of digestive enzymes and probiotics, which are excellent for gut health. These enzymes can help ensure your body is able to properly digest and absorb nutrients, thereby preventing bloating.

Are powdered greens as good as fresh?

Yes, powdered greens are as good as fresh. Powdered greens are actually BETTER than fresh, believe it or not. The reason powdered greens are better is that they have actually already been juiced and then converted into powder form. Juiced greens are better than regular un-juiced fresh greens, and therefore, powdered greens are ideal.

What should I look for in a green powder?

The first thing you should look for is a highly potent and nutritious superfood blend. How many superfoods are in the formula? What is the overall potency of the superfood blend? You should also make sure your green powder contains digestive enzymes and probiotics. Some of them are missing these components. Green tea extract is a also healthy addition.

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