Athletic Greens vs Amazing Grass Comparison: Which is Best?

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Updated September 28, 2021

In this comparison article, we’re going to take an in-depth look at two of the most popular greens supplements on the market. We’ll directly compare Athletic Greens vs Amazing Grass to find out which one is the better choice.

We’re going to break down the ingredients, supplement facts, pricing, and much more. Read on to see what we found and discover which supplement we recommend!

What is the difference between Athletic Greens and Amazing Grass?

The difference between Athletic Greens and Amazing Grass is primarily the amount of superfoods per serving. In terms of quality and potency, Athletic Greens has Amazing Grass beat in most areas, which we’ll elaborate on below.

The problem is that Athletic Greens is almost double the price of Amazing Grass, so the question becomes is it really worth it? You’re paying a lot more money for a product that really isn’t that much more potent…the difference is about 3,000 milligrams of superfoods per serving.

Yes, Athletic Greens is more potent than Amazing Grass, so how come we still don’t recommend it? The answer is simple. Our top ranked greens supplement is a whopping 50% more potent than Athletic Greens, and it’s cheaper. Click here to learn more: Best Green Drink Powders.

Athletic Greens vs Amazing Grass comparison


Amazing Grass

Athletic Greens


Superfoods Per Serving

7,000 milligrams

10,000 milligrams

Athletic Greens




Amazing Grass




Amazing Grass


Undisclosed amount

7.2 billion CFU

Athletic Greens


2 grams

2 grams


Digestive Enzymes

426 milligrams

154 milligrams

Amazing Grass

Overall Winner

Rating: 3.7/5

Rating: 3.9/5

Athletic Greens

1. Athletic Greens vs Amazing Grass price

At $99 for a 30-day supply, Athletic Greens is almost twice the price of Amazing Grass, which only costs $59.99 for a 30-day supply. The fact that Athletic Greens is the more potent supplement certainly justifies a higher price, but not this high.

Athletic Greens is overpriced, and Amazing Grass is cheap for one simple reason…it’s just not a very good supplement. You know what they say: you get what you pay for. The pricing issues and lack of value are part of the reason why we don’t recommend either one of these products.

2. Athletic Greens or Amazing Grass for flavor?

Before we get into this, keep in mind greens supplements generally do not have very good flavor. It’s tough to make a supplement that consists of vegetables and superfoods taste good, which is why we recommend mixing your green powder in with juice or a smoothie to mask the flavor.

With that said, Amazing Grass has a little better flavor than Athletic Greens, which is likely the result of the added natural flavors designed to mask the taste of the superfoods. But again, neither of them are going to taste like chocolate.

3. Probiotics

Probiotics are a problem for Amazing Grass because the company doesn’t disclose the dosage, which likely means they don’t include a lot of probiotics in the formula. Therefore, Athletic Greens has the advantage here by default with 7.2 billion CFU of probiotics per serving.

However, it’s important to note that 7.2 billion CFU per serving is really still not a lot. Some of the more elite, top-shelf green drinks on the market contain 4-5 times as many probiotics per serving.

4. Digestive Enzymes

Here’s where the comparison gets a bit interesting. Amazing Grass has 3 times the amount of digestive enzymes as Athletic Greens has at 426 milligrams per serving vs 154 milligrams per serving, respectively.

Digestive enzymes are critically important because they help ensure your body is able to properly digest and absorb the superfoods you’re consuming. Without the digestive enzymes, some of the nutrients will go to waste.

So, some people might consider it a big deal that Athletic Greens is severely lacking in the digestive enzymes department.

5. Superfoods Per Serving (SFPS)

Perhaps the most important thing to consider is the amount of superfoods you’re getting in every serving. Athletic Greens provides 10,000 milligrams worth of superfoods per serving, whereas Amazing Grass only contains about 7,000 milligrams per serving.

So, the clear advantage when it comes to potency and superfood dosage is with Athletic Greens. The problem is that neither one of these supplements come even close to our top ranked green drink when it comes to superfoods per serving.

6. Protein

Protein is important because a lot of people like to use superfood supplements as meal replacements, and protein is key when it comes to helping you feel full. Without a significant amount of protein, you aren’t going to feel very full after consuming the drink.

Bad news…both Athletic Greens and Amazing Grass only contain 2 grams of protein per serving, which is nowhere near enough. To make a real difference, you really need about 10 grams or more.

Amazing Grass vs Athletic Greens Ingredients comparison

Now that we have compared the general aspects of the formulas, let’s take a deeper dive into exactly what these supplements contain. In this section, we’re going to examine the key ingredients in both supplements and take a look at the difference between the two formulas.

Common Ingredients


Spirulina is widely accepted in the industry as the most potent superfood on the market. Any green drink that does not contain Spirulina is not worth the money. It’s very high in antioxidants and polyphenols, which can lead to benefits with regard to digestion, immunity, and cholesterol.

Neither Athletic Greens nor Amazing Grass discloses their dosages for this ingredient since both supplements utilize proprietary blends. This means we can see the ingredient is in there, but we can’t see the dosage size of the ingredient.


Chlorella is another one of the most highly regarded superfoods in existence due to the benefits it can produce with regard to digestion, immunity, detoxification, and more. This is another absolutely crucial ingredient that every green drink should include.

However, again we don’t know if either of these supplements includes enough of the ingredient because the dosage sizes are hidden within proprietary blends. This is a recurring issue with both supplements and one major reason we don’t recommend either one.

Wheat Grass

Wheat Grass is so powerful that it has become a trend for smoothie shops and coffee shops to sell “shots” of wheat grass. It produces a wide array of benefits, has a powerful effect on your digestive system, and helps improve energy levels.

Both Athletic Greens and Amazing Grass contain wheat grass, but can you guess what I’m going to say next? The dosages are undisclosed, so we don’t know if they contain a sufficient amount of wheat grass or not.

Ingredients exclusive to Athletic Greens


Ginger is most well known for its healing and detoxifying benefits. Some studies suggest ginger may boost immunity, which is why a lot of people drink ginger tea when they are sick. It’s also believed to help improve digestive function.

Athletic Greens contains an undisclosed amount of ginger, while Amazing Grass does not include this ingredient in any capacity.

Bilberry Fruit

Bilberry naturally contains a very high amount of antioxidants and is most well known for its ability to help reduce inflammation. Bilberry fruit is often overlooked and one of the more underrated superfoods, so it’s no surprise that it’s not part of both formulas.

However, we again don’t know the dosage Athletic Greens uses. This is unfortunate because you really can’t know if the ingredients is going to produce benefits or not if you don’t know the dosage.

Ingredients exclusive to Amazing Grass

Flax Seed

Flax seed is very high in many crucial nutrients including fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and lignans. This combination of nutrients can help improve digestion, reduce appetite, and improve cholesterol.

Amazing Grass does not disclose the amount of flax seed it contains, but at least this powerful ingredient is in the formula. In terms of specific superfoods, this may be the biggest advantage it has over Athletic Greens.

Maca Root

Maca root is rich in many vitamins and minerals including iron and iodine, which makes it a very solid addition to a green drink formula. While it’s not widely considered to be a superfood, it’s definitely capable of producing some benefits.

Not to be too repetitive, but again, we do not know the dosage here because the company left it undisclosed. This is the key down side to the use of proprietary blends.

Which is better, Amazing Grass or Athletic Greens? Our conclusion

All things considered, Athletic Greens is the better supplement overall. It contains more superfoods per serving, more probiotics, and just overall offers more nutritional value. The problem is that it’s very overpriced.

It’s also worth noting that Athletic Greens is very weak when it comes to digestive enzymes as we talked about before, so if digestive enzymes are important to you, Amazing Grass might be the better pick.

At the end of the day, we really do not recommend either one. Neither of them are potent enough, and even the more potent one (Athletic Greens) simply does not offer enough value. To learn more, read our full Athletic Greens review and our full Amazing Grass review.

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