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Updated January 18, 2023

Our Mission & Purpose

The Supplement Reviews organization (TSR for short) was founded in 2014 by a group of passionate supplement enthusiasts and experts who strive to deliver the truth in an industry that can be very confusing. Here’s the problem we saw with most supplement review websites…

Most supplement reviews are written by average people who have tried the product and are sharing their feedback, which is fine, but there’s a huge flaw…each person reacts differently than the next to any given supplement. So, one person saying it works in a review is no reason for someone else to buy it.

We saw something that was missing in the supplement review space…a review website created by certified nutrition experts who base their supplement reviews on nutritional analysis, clinical evidence, and scientific breakdowns of the ingredients themselves.

TheSupplementReviews.org was created with a purpose: To be the science-based, expert authority site on supplements. We wanted to eliminate bias and dishonesty, and strictly deliver cold hard facts.

We write our reviews based on SCIENCE and FACTS. Perhaps more importantly, we are genuine experts. At The Supplement Reviews, we are certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultants (NWCs), Doctors, and Pharmacists. Our review writer is actually a qualified, professional supplement analyst…see details about his credentials below!

Our Supplement Review Methodology

We’ve established that we write our supplement reviews differently, but what exactly is our methodology? How do we come to conclusions about supplements, and what do we base those conclusions on? What makes our reviews so dependable and trustworthy? Allow us to explain…

Our Unique SFP Analysis Formula

Every supplement has something on the label called the Supplement Facts Panel (SFP). The SFP is almost impossible to understand unless you have been trained to be able to read the SFP and actually comprehend the information it contains. We have all been trained at some point in our professional health careers to read any given SFP.

We have actually developed our own unique method of analyzing any given SFP. Here’s a list of the five factors our formula takes into account when conducting SFP analysis…

  1. Overall Potency = The total amount of nutrients provided per serving
  2. Individual Dosages = The exact amount of any given nutrient provided per serving
  3. Synergistic Formulation = The ingredients in use must be compatible and/or synergistic
  4. Clinical Evidence = The ingredients must have clinical data supporting their efficacy
  5. Diverse Ingredient Profile = There must be enough active ingredients to produce results

As you can see, we do not take supplement reviews lightly. Our unique SFP analysis formula is extremely thorough and leaves no stone left unturned. We only recommend supplements that check all the boxes.

Expert Testing & Experimentation

We have reviewed hundreds of supplements, so obviously we have not tried every single one…but we make sure to personally test our top recommended supplements before recommending them to our readers to ensure they actually work.

Our unique SFP analysis formula is essentially foolproof. If we determine a supplement is going to be effective based on the SFP, then we are already completely confident in its abilities, but it never hurts to test the product before we recommend it.

You will find that our most highly recommended supplements contain “personal experience” portions within the reviews. Our experts volunteer to test many of the supplements we review to make sure the supplement is high quality…

Keep in mind, these aren’t just random people trying supplements. We are experts who know what type of effects any given supplement is supposed to produce, how it is supposed to make you feel, and what type of results you should experience. This is why we refer to our sampling of the top supplements as “Expert Testing.”

Who Am I?

Here at TheSupplementReviews.org, it’s extremely important to us that our readers understand exactly who we are, and more specifically, we want you to know why you can trust us when it comes to supplements.

With thousands of fake, biased, non-scientific reviews out there, you simply can’t trust a supplement review unless it was written by a credible, certified expert in the sports nutrition space…all of our authors are certified health experts.

Do you want to read supplement reviews from some anonymous person hiding behind a computer screen, or do you want to read reviews written by certified experts? Our one and only author is a certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, who has worked in supplement development and formulation for about 10 years now.

So, without further ado, let’s introduce our author…

Joe Costello NWC

Joe Costello

Joe Costello NWC is a Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, certified by the American Fitness Professionals Association (AFPA). The NWC certification is very difficult to obtain, and we are very proud to have a certified NWC as our primary author.

Joe has also written several E-Books about fitness and nutrition, which can be found on his official website. You can also find plenty of other informative blog posts and video guides he has created there.

Joe has worked in the sports nutrition industry for a whopping 9+ years! He started out as a laboratory assistant in a supplement manufacturing facility, where he would help formulate supplements from scratch.

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Joe’s NWC certificate, E-Books, and supplement manufacturing experience make him a highly credible supplement genius, which is why we trust him to write our supplement reviews. Joe Costello is a true authority in the sports nutrition space and is literally a certified expert when it comes to supplements.

You can connect with Joe via the following platforms. Be sure to check out his Instagram, where he’s gained over 40,000 followers…

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Contact Me

Hey everybody, Joe Costello here…if you would like to contact TheSupplementReviews.org directly for support, questions, or concerns, here is our official email, which is monitored by me personally: Info@TheSupplementReviews.org

The team and I are always happy to help! If you would like to contact me more directly, please feel free to send me a direct message via this page here: Joe’s LinkedIn

If you have a question about any particular supplement review, you can also reach me via the comment section on the official TheSupplementReviews.org YouTube Channel

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