Hydro Whey 100 Review

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Hydro Whey 100 Review | Our Top Protein Powder on the Market  

Hydro Whey 100 Protein Powder Review

Hydro Whey 100 is a brand new protein powder on the scene that shot straight into our #1 ranking spot upon its release due to its use of an ultra pure 100% whey protein hydrolysate blend. This is the first and only protein powder on the market that uses 100% pure hydrolysate, which made it the obvious choice for the #1 rank. Read this Hydro Whey 100 review to learn all there is to know about the new top dog.

Benefits of Hydro Whey 100

The following are all benefits of Hydro Whey 100:

  • Increased lean muscle mass
  • Enhanced muscle growth and recovery
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Ultra-fast nutrient absorption
  • Reduced lactic acid build up

What Is Hydro Whey 100?

Hydro Whey 100 is the first protein powder ever created that uses strictly whey protein hydrolysate with NO amino spiking, artificial preservatives, creamers, or fillers. Hydrolysate is the purest form of protein in existence, and therefore the most efficient, but 99% of sports nutrition companies refuse to spend the extra few bucks it would cost them to use it.

Just about every person on the planet understands the importance of consuming whey protein after exercising. However, most people cant differentiate between high quality and low-quality whey protein powders, which is a major issue.

It’s a shame that half of the health and fitness enthusiasts in the world are still using whey protein concentrate…moreover, almost everybody else is still using whey protein isolate. Get with the times people!

Whey protein concentrate is nearly useless, and whey protein isolate is old news. While people who switch from concentrate to isolate are certainly moving in the right direction, most of them fail to understand the crucially important difference between isolate and hydrolysate.

Whey Protein Concentrate Vs. Isolate Vs. Hydrolysate

If you’re still using whey protein concentrate, what you’re about to read is going to make you want to throw the rest of it away. For those of you with whey protein isolate in your cabinet, you’re about to learn why you need to switch to hydrolysate ASAP if you’re serious about making progress in the gym.

Did you know whey protein concentrate is only 80% protein? Really makes you wonder exactly what the remaining 20% of it is, doesn’t it? 20% of every whey protein concentrate serving is fat, cholesterol, and lactose. All of these things are going to wreak havoc on your gastrointestinal system and cause all sorts of digestive issues.

Moreover, that 20% adds up over time and can cause you to actually gain fat instead of muscle…worse yet, the digestive issues caused by the use of concentrate prevent your body from being able to properly absorb the protein. Therefore, using whey protein concentrate actually defeats the purpose of using whey protein at all to a certain extent.

Whey protein isolate undergoes a process known as cross-flow micro-filtration, which boosts the protein purity level to 90%. Therefore, whey protein isolate is far more efficient, effective, and simply better than concentrate…BUT, you still have to think about how well your body will be able to digest and actually absorb the protein into the muscles to induce growth and recovery.

While some issues regarding digestion and absorption are still present with whey protein isolate, these problems are easily solved when the whey protein undergoes the process of enzymatic hydrolysis, thereby producing whey protein hydrolysate. Hydrolysate protein particles are much smaller, faster, and ultimately more efficient.

Being the only form of whey protein that has undergone cross-flow micro-filtration AND enzymatic hydrolysis, whey protein hydrolysate is the purest, fastest digesting and absorbing form of protein known to man.

What Makes It The Best – Hydro Whey 100 Ingredients

Part 1: The Protein Blend

At this point in the review, we’ve clarified the importance of the protein source. Whey protein hydrolysate is far superior to any other source of protein, and yet, you’ll almost never see it included in the protein blend.

Companies are too cheap to spend the extra couple bucks, so they use concentrate or isolate because those are much cheaper sources of protein. Well, you get what you pay for. Whey protein hydrolysate is the most expensive simply because it’s the best.

The very few protein powders that use whey protein hydrolysate only use it as a portion of the blend, which means they’re mixing it with other sources of protein. For example, a company might use 50% hydrolysate and 50% concentrate. This is something you want to avoid because the concentrate dirties up the blend and ultimately makes the hydrolysate less effective.

Hydro Whey 100 is the only protein powder available that uses strictly 100% whey protein hydrolysate. The protein blend is the purest, fastest-acting blend we’ve ever come across, which is the main reason why this is our #1 ranked protein powder.

Part 2: The Amino Acid Count 

Amino acids are the building blocks of muscle. Protein shakes are so useful because of the fact that they deliver essential amino acids to your muscle fibers, which then allows your muscles to efficiently build themselves back up larger than they were before.

So you see, another problem with whey protein concentrate based supplements is the fact that the amino acid count is naturally pretty low (comparatively speaking). Since the protein purity level of concentrate is so low, the amino acid count can’t be very high.

The only way a supplement with a poor protein blend can have a high amino acid count is if the company who created the supplement engaged in the process of amino spiking, which is no good.

You want your protein powder to contain ONLY naturally occurring amino acids, and a naturally high amino acid count is something that can only be achieved through the use of an ultrapure protein source such as whey protein hydrolysate.

Hydro Whey 100’s blend of 100% pure hydrolysate contains a whopping 12.4 grams of essential amino acids in every serving, which is roughly DOUBLE the amount of essential amino acids you’ll see in your standard protein powder. It additionally contains over 6 grams of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), which is approximately 50% more BCAAs than your average protein supplement.

Part 3: The Nutritional Profile

The protein blend is your first and most important consideration, but it’s also important to focus on what your protein powder does NOT include. You want to make sure there’s low fat, low calories, low sugar, low sodium, etc. otherwise you could end up gaining fat instead of the lean muscle mass your after.

In addition to that, you need to make sure you avoid things like gums and creamers because of the effect they have on your digestive system. The VAST majority of protein powders contain gums and creamers to improve the consistency of the shake itself, but these things can cause of a long list of digestive issues for the user.

Here’s a list of Hydro Whey 100 supplement facts that shows how clean the nutritional profile is…

  • 0 grams of fat
  • 0 grams of sugar
  • < 1 gram of carbs
  • Low calories
  • Low sodium
  • No gums
  • No creamers
  • No artificial preservatives
  • No fillers
  • No gluten

This is a nutritional profile like none we’ve ever seen. If you find a protein powder that uses hydrolysate but it contains a bunch of fat and sugar, then it’s basically useless because it’s going to cause you to gain fat.

It’s extremely important to ensure that your protein supplement uses an ultrapure protein blend AND has a very clean nutritional profile. In other words, you want it to include any nutrient that’s going to be beneficial to your health, while simultaneously excluding any nutrient that could be detrimental to your health.

Hydro Whey 100 Ingredients Supplement Facts


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The Pros of Hydro Whey 100

  • Uses strictly whey protein hydrolysate
  • Contains over 12 grams of essential aminos
  • Over 6 grams of BCAAs per serving
  • No fat, sugar, or carbs
  • Naturally flavored and sweetened
  • Gluten free

The Cons of Hydro Whey 100

  • Can not be found in any real stores such as GNC or Vitamin Shoppe

The Final Verdict on Hydro Whey 100

At the end of the day, it was a no-brainer to rank Hydro Whey 100 as our #1 protein powder. Based on the 100% hydrolysate blend, tremendous amino acid count, and exceptional nutritional profile, it’s the obvious choice for the #1 ranking spot. Hydro Whey 100 is far and away the purest, fastest digesting and absorbing, and overall most effective protein powder available.

Where Can You Buy Hydro Whey 100 And How Much Does It Cost?

Hydro Whey 100 is available exclusively online at the website of the manufacturer, which is You can use the code TSR10 to save 10%, and it’s available in 3 different packages…

  • 1 Month Supply: Only $54.00
    • Normally $59.99, you save $6 with our exclusive coupon code, & free shipping.
  • 3 Month Supply:  Only $146.00
    • Normally $179.97, you save $34 in bulk & with coupon code, & free shipping.
  • 6 Month Supply:  Only $285.00
    • Normally $359.99, you save $75 in bulk & with coupon code, & free shipping.


Use Coupon Code TSR10 to save 10%

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