Hydroxycut Black Review


Hydroxycut Black Review

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Hydroxycut Black Review | How Does it Stack Up? 

Hydroxycut Black ReviewHydroxycut Black is an improved version of the original Hydroxycut fat burner. It contains additional fat burning ingredients and is overall about twice as potent…but does that mean it works?

Check out this Hydroxycut Black review to learn why I don’t recommend Hydroxycut OR Hydroxycut Black as the best fat burner.

To discover some truly elite fat burners, take a look at my list of the Top 10 Fat Burners of 2018. There are some burners on there that have produce absolutely insane results for me, and there’s even one on that list that I still take to this day…

The #1 ranked fat burner on that list helped me cut my body fat percentage by nearly 12% in only two months. That product is insanely effective, and I started to notice results after just one week of using it.

The Benefits of Hydroxycut Black

  • Elevates energy levels
  • Helps promote fat destruction
  • Burns fat in a natural manner
  • Can improve performance in the gym
  • Temporarily reduces appetite

How Does Hydroxycut Black Work? 

Hydroxycut Black uses ingredients that can actually help you increase the amount of fat you burn on a daily basis. It additionally contains ingredients that can help to suppress your appetite upon ingestion.

The proper combination of fat burning ingredients and appetite suppressing ingredients can make for a very powerful weight loss supplement. The problem here is that we don’t think this particular combination is all the great. It isn’t as potent as it could be, and there are a few ingredients it is missing that we would have liked to see it include.

With that said, you could certainly experience some benefits as a result of taking Hydroxycut Black. More than likely, those benefits would be a result of the fact that it combines caffeine anhydrous with robusta coffee extract. This combination is excellent for both burning fat and helping to reduce cravings. See the following section below to learn more about the Hydroxycut Black ingredient profile.

Hydroxycut Black Ingredients – What Makes It Work?

Caffeine Anhydrous: Being the purest form of caffeine in existence, it is sure to be the most beneficial particularly when it comes to boosting energy levels. Everybody can use a good energy boost right before the gym in order to give them some motivation and get them going. However, caffeine anhydrous is not just an energy booster.

It has actually been shown that caffeine has a direct impact on body fat separate from the effect it has on your energy levels. Therefore, in caffeine anhydrous, we have both a fat burner and an energy booster, making it a very valuable ingredient.

Robusta Coffee Extract: This extract comes from coffee beans that have not yet been roasted, which is what makes it so beneficial. The roasting process takes out the majority of the chlorogenic acid, which unfortunately is where most of the benefits come from. Therefore, unroasted coffee beans are significantly more effective.

Chlorogenic acid has been proven to help promote weight loss and has been used by tons of people for fat burning purposes. The high percentage of chlorogenic acid you get with robusta coffee extract is what makes it such an effective fat burner. This ingredient is the highlight of Hydroxycut Black and really is one of the only things we like about it.

Arugla Extract: Argula is full of detoxifying nutrients and is high in fiber, which means that it is going to make you feel as if you are full. Caffeine already curbs your appetite, but when working in combination with the appetite suppression quality of Arugla, you could see some significant craving reductions.

Arugla is an excellent addition to your diet because of the detoxification properties. If you have a history of eating unhealthy and have accumulated a lot of fat, this is an ingredient that can help you start “cleaning up” so to speak. It detoxifies your system, gives you energy, and encourages a reduced daily calorie intake, which makes it an integral part of the Hydroxycut Black formula.

Yohimbe Extract: Yohimbe is said to block certain receptors that function as fat loss inhibitors, which means that it helps to promote fat loss through reducing its inhibition. Some receptors try to protect your body from losing weight for fear of the way it may effect your health, but ideally you want these to be blocked off so that fat loss can occur.

Purslane Extract: Purslane is extremely low in calories, but more importantly, it is extremely rich in nutrients and fiber. That makes it good for anyone who is on a diet due to the fact that it is going to make you feel full as a result of the fiber, keep you well nourished as a result of the nutritional content, but also keep you from gaining weight as a result of the low calorie count.

Hydroxycut Black Ingredients Supplement Facts

Hydroxycut Black Vs. BurnerTEK (The #1 Fat Burner)

At this point you’re probably a little confused about why Hydroxycut Black doesn’t come very highly recommended by us considering the quality of ingredients it contains. Well, we never said it was a bad supplement. However, it is nowhere near as potent compared to some of the other fat burners we have reviewed. Take a look at this brief comparison…

Hydroxycut Black overall potency: About 1,140 milligrams per serving

BurnerTEK overall potency: About 2,000 milligrams per serving

Hydroxycut Black number of fat burning ingredients: 8

BurnerTEK number of fat burning ingredients: 12

Ingredients BurnerTEK contains that Hydroxycut Black does not: Green Tea Extract, Cayenne Powder, Glucomannan, Turmeric, Chromium.

Click here to view the BurnerTEK Review

The Pros of Hydroxycut Black

  • Contains multiple fat burners
  • Includes an appetite suppression component
  • Uses multiple forms of caffeine
  • Proven to increase energy levels

The Cons

  • Overall potency is very low
  • It uses a proprietary blend
  • Its missing a few key ingredients
  • Doesn’t quite stack up to the top notch supplements

Hydroxycut Black Reviews From Real Users

As part of the process of vetting a supplement, we like to take a look at some of the user experiences that have been submitted on the internet.

A great place to find genuine user reviews is Amazon, and we are able to find a whole bunch of Hydroxycut Black reviews there submitted by verified customers…let’s take a look at these.

The average rating for Hydroxycut Black was 3.9 stars out of a total of about 900 reviews. That’s a pretty solid rating…and on top of that, 57% of the reviewers gave the product a 5 star rating…that’s pretty impressive.

While we were definitely happy to see some positive user experiences, it’s still difficult to recommend this product in light of the proprietary blend and very low overall potency…I mean, just take a look at the comparison above (Hydroxycut Black Vs. BurnerTEK), and you can easily see that this is the inferior supplement.

Plus, my results with BurnerTEK speak for themselves…

Anyways, if you’re interested, here’s a more specific breakdown of the data we were able to find regarding customer reviews on Amazon…

Hydroxycut Reviews

There are 747 positive reviews compared to 172 critical reviews. It’s obvious that the vast majority of people like Hydroxycut Black.

Top Positive Review on Amazon:  The reviewer expressed that they lost 10 lbs in just a few weeks and that they liked the product very much however; they did say it prevented them from sleeping if taken after 3pm and that they were dehydrated if they didn’t drink a lot of water.

Top Critical Review on Amazon:  The reviewer admitted that it gave them a lof of energy but they felt extremely jittery and nervous.

Hydroxycut Black Conclusion

Hydroxycut Black has a number of great qualities. It uses the purest form of caffeine in existence and high quality, proven fat burners such as Robusta Coffee Extract. It additionally helps to suppress appetite through ingredients like Arugla and Purslane. With that said, it overall is not extremely potent and is missing some ingredients that we believe to be essential.

Our Recommendation

We would recommend you check out our list of the Top 10 Fat Burners before deciding to go with Hydroxycut Black. We believe any of the top 10 would be a better option. Ideally, you would want to choose amongst the top 3 in order to ensure you get one of the best on the market. BurnerTEK is our #1 recommendation.

Where To Buy Hydroxycut Black

If you’re still interested in buying Hydroxycut Black, you can find it for the best price by getting it directly from the manufacturer. Simply click the link below and you will be taken to the official Hydroxycut website.

Try Hydroxycut Black

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